History of My Name

Howdy! I’m Francis Fritz B. Esportono.? When I was in school, there are lots of activities.? One is telling your name and where it came from.? I actually don’t know that time.? I just tell them that it was taken from the dictionary of names.? Francis means “frenchman” or a “free man”. Fritz originated from the name Frederick which means “peaceful ruler”.? Esportono is a wrong-spelled “Esportuno” and actually our family made a shortcut name “S42NO”.

Who gave it to me?? I thought it was my father and mother only. But NO! The first decision was just to name me “Francis” and my uncle gave it to me.? It was taken from his name “Francisco”. Then since my elder brothers have two names, my parents added “Fritz” and it became “Francis Fritz”.

What about my nickname?? I still don’t know if the idea was taken from my cousin’s nickname, taking the first letter from every word on the firstname.? My cousin’s nickname is “LL” taken from Lynie Liza.? Therefore, mine is “FF” or “F-F”.? Of course, as time goes by, friends, family and relatives created nicknames for me. Because we are Filipinos, they call me “Ep-Ep”,? pronouncing letter “F” as “EP”.? “Eps” or “Fs” came from my cousin Jaja who can’t pronounce my name well.? Another one is “Gov”, came from my cousin named Justin who is teasing me as governor when I am in business attire during my college days.? But now, most of my friends, call me “Fritz”.? I prefer “Fritz” because “FF” is so child-like.

What’s next?? Next time!? I’m gonna revise this when I have time. 😀

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