Wampaybers: A budget travel to the mountainous Antique

One day isang araw, I got bored. ?A friend ask me ?what?s the plan?.? So I planned. Hahaha. I decided to ask others if they want to join me for a summer adventure to Antique since wala naman akong someone. Sadlyf!

It started with a chat…

Tanan! ? ?We decided to go to Tibiao and Culasi in Antique!!! ???

Itinerary here and there…

[Itinerary picture]

Tibiao, Antique, 4:00 AM – From Molo Terminal, Iloilo City we ride a van going to Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao. It costs us 230 per pax. We were supposed to ride a bus going to Tibiao but the Van driver and people there in Molo convinced us and offer us until Brgy Tuno.

Camp Sawi Wampaybers

We arrived at Calawag Mountain Resort about 7:30 in the morning to see the view of the river and see what the Kawa Bath is.


Tony Labrusca is at the background.

We also saw Tony Labrusca, cast of La Luna Sangre and auditonee of Pinoy Boy Band show, doing his photoshoot of C2 drink.

The Wampaybers with the tour guide, Manang Mercy.

After a sneekpeak of Tony L. and some deloading of Masay’s waterfalls, we started the trek going to Bugtong Bato Falls with our tour guide Manang Mercy. After paying the environmental and entrance fees for 50 pesos per head at the barangay’s nipa office, we continued to walk.

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A two-day travel is not enough for a place with beautiful and unforgettable spots to visit.


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